• Our new publication on Nat. Commun.
    We proposed non-covalent interactions (NCIs) between counterions and n-doped polymers impact charge transport and propose a "counterion docking" method to select optimal counterions.

  • Our new publication on Science

    We achieved high-performance n-type semiconducting hydrogels for bioelectronics.

  • Our new publication on Sci. Adv.

    We achieved continuous production of semiconducting fibers balanced with high electronic performance and mechanical property.

  • Our new publication on Adv. Mater.

    We proposed ultrastable n-type semiconducting fiber organic electrochemical transistors for highly sensitive biosensors

  • Our new publication on Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

    We develop a novel hydrophobic building block, 4a-azonia-naphthalene (AN), for n-type organic mixed ionic-electronic conductors.

  • Our new publication on Chem. Mater.

    We proposed the important role of polaron distribution in enhancing the performance of n-type OECTs.